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15 Jul 2019
 | 15 Jul 2019

The Spatial-temporal Variation of Precipitation and Temperature in Xinjiang in Recent 50 Years

Yuzhu Wang, Haowen Yan, Xiaoping Wang, and Zhuo Wang

Keywords: precipitation, temperature, trend, change, cycle, Xinjiang

Abstract. Research purpose: To master the spatial-temporal evolution of precipitation and temperature in Xinjiang, and to provide reference for industrial, agricultural and transportation industries in the study area. Date and Rrsearch methods: Based on monthly precipitation and temperature data of 64 weather stations in Xinjiang in recent 50 years,the spatial-temporal variation of precipitation and temperature were analyzed by the methods of simple linear regression, 5-year moving average, radial basis function interpolation, sliding -t test, accumulated variance analysis, Mann-Kendall and morlet wavelet transform.

Research conclusion:

(1) The annual average precipitation (8.65 mm/10 a) in Xinjiang showed a significant increasing trend, and the increasing trend in local areas was:Northern Xinjiang (14.83 mm/10 a) > Southern Xinjiang(7.76 mm/10 a) > Eastern Xinjiang (3.37 mm/10 a).

(2) The spatial distribution of tendency rate of annual precipitation is basically the same as the spring, summer and autumn in Xinjiang, the tendency rate decreases from northwest to southeast, but the tendency rate of winter precipitation decreases from north to south.

(3) The precipitation of Xinjiang changed abruptly in 1989, Southern Xinjiang was relatively earlier (1986), Northern Xinjiang (1991) and Eastern Xinjiang (1990) were relatively delay.

(4) The main cycle of precipitation was 26–30 a in Xinjiang and local areas, which predicts that the next 10 years will be a wet season.

(5) The annual average temperature (0.44 °C / 10 a) in Xinjiang is very significant, and the temperature increase trend in local areas is: Eastern Xinjiang (0.58 °C / 10 a) > Northern Xinjiang (0.45 °C / 10 a) > Southern Xinjiang (0.31 °C / 10 a).

(6) The spatial distribution of tendency rate of annual average temperature is basically the same as the four seasons in Xinjiang, and the tendency rate showed a decreasing trend from northeast to southwest.

(7) The temperature change of Xinjiang occurred in 1988,Northern Xinjiang was 1988 (relatively earlier), Southern Xinjiang and Eastern Xinjiang were 1992 (relatively delay).

(8) The main cycle of temperature in Xinjiang and local areas was 25–30 a. It was predicted that the next 10 years would be high temperature period.

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