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15 Jul 2019
 | 15 Jul 2019

Run length coding and efficient compression of hexagonal raster data based on Gosper curve

Rui Xin and Tinghua Ai

Keywords: hexagonal grids, grid encoding, Gosper curve, data compression

Abstract. Compared with regular quadrilateral grid, regular hexagonal grid is isotropy and has higher cell compactness and sampling density. This gives regular hexagonal grid advantages in visual display, spatial analysis, and many other aspects. However, the studies of raster data mainly focus on regular quadrilateral grid, and various encoding methods are also focused on it. The researches on hexagonal raster data are relatively insufficient.

In this paper, encoding and compression for regular hexagonal grid are studied. By introducing Gosper curve which has good spatial aggregation and takes into account the morphological structure of regular hexagonal grid, the bidirectional correlation between Gosper curve and regular hexagonal grid is established. Then, a new encoding framework is built to determine the Gosper coding of each grid unit. The lossless compression is completed by performing run-length coding on adjacent coding sets in the target region.

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