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15 Jul 2019
 | 15 Jul 2019

The topography of the world by IN-YOU-ZU

Yukihide Akiyama and Izumi Sakamoto

Keywords: Topographic maps, Atlas, Plate boundary

Abstract. The map which shows the large-scale topography on the earth is made variously even now. We made a Topographic map as IN-YOU-ZU from topographic data, too. An ambiguous part became easy to judge by a result and conventional expression method. A study of the map world is developed by using IN-YOU-ZU as a background map, and We will think with explication of the topography structure and expect scientific progress. A made Topographic map is using exhibited topographic public data. When more in-depth data can be used, it's expected that the precision of the expressive power rises more. Geographical Survey Institute make the basic mapinformation 5 m mesh DEM, 500 m mesh water depth data (J-EGG500) by JODC and the data of TOPO1 of World are used for a Topographic map.

Theoretically, it's the Topographic map by which the modelling is put the accent on to add the temperature(cold or warm) color of the difference between the inside of the geomorphic surface mean and the plane where the outside is made the wavelength as the depth (or the height). The one to which the name of the large-scale tectonic forms was attached about the world topographical map is Figure 1. The world topographical map by IN-YOU-ZU.

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