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Volume 2, 2020 – Keyword index

Volume 2, 2020 – Keyword index


AFOLU AR Adobe ArcGIS Pro Aufgabenkultur administrative boundaries advanced spatial analysis age-related information aggregator airline route maps atlas atlas of the aging society 2.0 atlases attractiveness augmented reality automation


COVID-19 Cartographic Education Cartography Citizen Science Collaborative GIS Corona Courses in Latin America cartographers cartographic grids cartographic materials cartographic projections cartographic representation cartographic representations cartographic semiology cartography census clustering collaboration comet 67/P Churyumov-Gerasimenko contentual facsimile contour lines covid-19 creative industries crisis management crowd-mapping cultural heritage cultural landscape


GIS Games GeoAI Geoinformation management game engine gamer opinion geodata geology geospatial knowledge graph geovisual analytics globe graphical enrichment


Maps Maritime Spatial Planning Minecraft Missing Maps map map complexity map design map evaluation map load map orientation map projection map symbol design map symbology map symbols mapathon maps medieval stronghold milestones mobility modelling


Schulunterricht Semantic Web Sightless Software Spatial Infrastructure Storymaps schematic maps school atlases scientific reasoning semantic technology semi-automatic cartographic analysis semiotics shared data sources small celestial body social media spatial analysis spatial cognition spatial modeling spatio-temporal analysis spatiotemporal analysis state of the art story-network storylines storytelling subjectvity synthesis systematic literature review
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