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15 Jul 2019
 | 15 Jul 2019

Ecological Change Analysis of Lanzhou City Based on Remote Sensing Ecological Index

Yuhan Huang and Haowen Yan

Keywords: Ecological environment qualit, RSEI, Principal component analysis, Lanzhou City

Abstract. Lanzhou City is the capital of Gansu Province and located in the semi-arid of northwest China. The Yellow River passing through the inner city from west to east, which has formed a special ecological environment. In recent years, the economic level of Lanzhou City has continued to develop, and the degree of urbanization has been continuously improved, which has had a certain impact on the ecological environment of the city. This paper used the Remote Sensing Ecology Index (RSEI) model (Xu, H.Q.,2013) to assess the ecological changes of the four major urban areas Chengguan District, Qilihe District, Anning District and Xigu District of Lanzhou from 2013 to 2017, and evaluate the current ecological environment of the city to provide a basis for the sustainable development of the city.

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