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15 Jul 2019
 | 15 Jul 2019

A note on the Relationship between Spatial Recognition and Behavior while Walking in the City

Kaori Ito, Yusuke Sakurai, Yuri Fujita, and Andrew Burgess

Keywords: Spatial recognition, Smartphone, Map application, Sense of direction

Abstract. The experience of walking in the city has changed since the diffusion of smartphones with communication and GNSSbased navigation technologies. Accordingly, user's recognition of geographical space has also been changed; McCullough and Collins (2018) suggest that less spatial knowledge is gained while using GNSS-equipped devices while way-finding than by using paper maps or no tools at all; Ishikawa et al. (2008) suggest that GNSS-based navigation device users make larger direction errors and produce sketch maps with poorer topological accuracy after way-finding.

This study focuses on information gathering, decision-making and recognition of geographical space while ‘strolling’ in the city with a smartphone. This abstract describes the outline of the experiment and early stages of the analysis, especially relationships between spatial recognition through sketch maps and behavior while walking.

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