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19 Jul 2019
 | 19 Jul 2019

A Semantic Representation of Map Projections Knowledge

E. Lynn Usery

Keywords: semantics, map projections, knowledge representation

Abstract. A body of knowledge for cartography requires representing knowledge of the specific sub topics in the field. Map projections is a fundamental part of the knowledge base for cartography and a wealth of material exists on knowledge of map projections. Semantic organization of such knowledge is of primary importance to the access and use of map projections knowledge. This project builds a semantic representation for the fundamental parts of map projection knowledge. The semantics capture the concepts and relations between these concepts providing the user an easy method to access the knowledge and apply it to specific problems. The semantics represent classes of projections and the properties associated with those classes as well as the appropriate use. Such a representation can be accessed by humans or machines to arrive at appropriate selection and use of map projection theory.

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