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15 Jul 2019
 | 15 Jul 2019

A precise location navigation map visualization method for landmark guidance

Haiying Wang and Haowen Yan

Keywords: precise location, navigation map, landmark guidance

Abstract. Due to the errors of the global positioning system and the navigation map, the navigation map can only locate the approximate location of the points of interest on the map, which causes the navigation task to end at a distance of several meters to several tens of meters from the real destination. The navigation of the left distance needs to be done by the user himself. In addition, the number of points of interest on the navigation map is limited, and the user can only navigate to the points of interest near the destination and then complete the remaining navigation by himself. This paper proposes a navigation map guided by landmarks, where the user finds the exact location of the destination. The map has the following characteristics: 1) The map is produced by general users 2) The map can be displayed globally or in segments 3) Highlight landmarks 4) Map navigation does not depend on GPS 5) Simple spread.

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