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15 Jul 2019
 | 15 Jul 2019

Implementation of Pedestrian Path Navigation Algorithm Based on "We-Map" Platform

Jian Zhang and Haowen Yan

Keywords: we media, we-map, landmark, pedestrian navigation, path guidance

Abstract. In order to adapt to the information needs of the we media era, Haowen Yan and other scholars proposed a "grassroots" map for the civilian population – "We-Map". The mathematical foundations such as accuracy are not high, and the producers do not need to undergo strict professional training. Map users can participate in map production at any time, and can easily and quickly communicate and apply on personal electronic devices (such as computers and mobile phones). In the We-Map platform, it uses the Google Map SDK and XML technologies to implement the basic functions of the mobile platform-based We-Map application, including map editing (copy, rotate, zoom, pan, line drawing, coloring, etc.), path navigation, Real-time location, information query and We- Map storage, transmission and distribution. In this paper, we study and implement a landmark-based pedestrian path navigation algorithm, which is added to the We-Map platform for auxiliary navigation of pedestrian paths.

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