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Volume 6, 2023 31st International Cartographic Conference (ICC 2023) 13–18 August 2023, Cape Town, South Africa Eds. S. Coetzee
Volume 5, 2022 European Cartographic Conference – EuroCarto 2022 19–21 September 2022, TU Wien, Vienna, Austria Eds. G. Gartner, A. Binn, and O. Ignateva
Volume 4, 2021 24th ICA Workshop on Map Generalisation and Multiple Representation – Building Benchmarks for Map Generalisation 13 December 2021, Florence, Italy Eds. P. Bereuter, A. Courtial, P. Raposo, N. Regnauld, G. Touya, and X. Zhang
Volume 3, 2021 30th International Cartographic Conference (ICC 2021) 14–18 December 2021, Florence, Italy Eds. P. Zamperlin, A. Cantile, and M. Milli
Volume 2, 2020 Central European Cartographic Conference and 68th German Cartography Congress – EuroCarto 2020 21–25 September 2020, Vienna, Austria (online) Eds. D. Burghardt, G. Gartner, W. Kainz, J. Schiewe, T. Schulz, and M. Wigley
Volume 1, 2019 29th International Cartographic Conference (ICC 2019) 15–20 July 2019, Tokyo, Japan Eds. H. Fujita
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