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Articles | Volume 6
11 Aug 2023
 | 11 Aug 2023

Cartographic meaning made in use: Reconsiderations of Jacques Bertin’s Sémiologie Graphique as a translation

Francis Harvey

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Book Review: Weltbildwechsel: Ideengeschichten geographischen Denkens und Handelns
Benedikt Korf, Ute Wardenga, Julia Verne, Boris Michel, Francis Harvey, Antje Schlottmann, and Jeannine Wintzer
Geogr. Helv., 79, 161–175,,, 2024
“Cartography and Open Standards”: A Proposal for an Open Geospatial Consortium Technical Paper
Serena Coetzee, Silvana P. Camboim, Amy L. Griffin, Dalia E. Varanka, Petr Kubicek, Francis Harvey, and Franz-Josef Behr
Abstr. Int. Cartogr. Assoc., 6, 39,,, 2023
Map Use Challenges in the Digital Humanities: Preliminary Insights through Eye-Tracking Analysis
Francis Harvey, Marta Kuzma, Izabela Gołębiowska, and Paulina Wacławik
Abstr. Int. Cartogr. Assoc., 6, 87,,, 2023
hin&weg – unveiling migration patterns using an analytical visualisation approach
Francis Harvey, Eric Losang, and Jonathan Gescher
Abstr. Int. Cartogr. Assoc., 6, 88,,, 2023
Qualitative visualisation – perspectives and potentials for population geography
Kristine Beurskens, Frank Meyer, and Francis Harvey
Geogr. Helv., 77, 317–322,,, 2022
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