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Volume 6, 2023 – Keyword index

Volume 6, 2023 – Keyword index


3D Cartography 3D building model 3D city 3D city model 3D environment 3D mapping 3D maps 3D model 3D modelling 3D printing 3D representation 3D scanning 3D-Cartography 3D-Map 3D-Mapping 3D-coloured models


AI ethics API AWS Rekognition Accuracy assessment AdV AdaBoost Adjacency Administrative Regions Adriatic Sea Africa Android mobile devices Animation ArcGIS ArcGIS SDK for Unity Archaeology Archives Arctic Art Intervention Art and Cartography Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence (AI) Atlas Atlas Cartography Atlas of Switzerland Atlases Augmented Reality August Petermann abstraction academic cartographic education access to information accessibility accuracy accuracy of map active learning adaptive cartography address data addresses administrative units aerial image affects affordances agile methods agriculture algorithm allocentric viewpoint analysis and visual interdisciplinary integration animation animative and transformative cartographic expression annotations antarctica application programming interface arcPy art artifacts artificial intelligence artistic cartography atlas attribute parameter uncertainty augmented reality autoencoder automated cartography automation avian influenza awareness


BIO-MAPS Banat Basemap Beirut Bertin Bibliography Big Data BoK Body of knowledge Bohemia Bouguer Anomaly Brazil Brazilian Pampa Building Attributes Building footprint extraction Burglary Bush fires background color bibliography big data bilingualism biodiversity assessment bioeconomy building building aggregation building instance extraction building occupancy built environment burnt area bus maps


CIS CLT CORDEX COVID-19 COVID-19 pandemic CRS CartAGen Cartographic Education Cartographic image Substation GIS Cartographic tools Cartography Cartography and Children CatBoost Cederberg Mountains Cemeteries Census geographies Central Europe Chilean Antarctic territory CityGML Classification Climate Change Climate Change-Related Flooding Hazards (CCRFH) Climate Disinformation Coding Cognitive Pitfalls Committee for Spatial Information (CSI) Community detection Concours Carto Copernicus Covid Covid-19 Covid-19 Pandemic Creative Cartographies Crime Pattern Crisis Management Critical Cartography Cross-theme analysis Crowdsourcing Crowdsourcing in cartography and GIScience Customary Land Tenure cadastral map capacity building card sorting cartographic application cartographic collection cartographic communication cartographic competences cartographic curriuculum cartographic design cartographic education cartographic knowledge cartographic method of cognition cartographic representation cartographic research cartographic serious games cartographic style sheets cartographic technology cartographic usability cartographic visualization cartography cartography praxis cartography teaching cellular automata cemetery mapping change detection children’s art and mapping choropleth map citizen science classification climate change climate variability climate zones co-design coastal sebkha cognition cognitive cartography cognitive load collaborative mapping colour design common geographies community community learning computer vision conceptual traverses conscious realism conservation content context context modelling context-aware computing convolutional neural network convolutional neural network (CNN) correlation coefficient analysis craftsmanship crisis management critical cartography cross-cultural differences cross-domain crowd sensors crowd-sourced data crowdsourced data crowdsourcing cultural geography cultural heritage cultural relevance culverts currency curvature custodianship cybersecurity


DEM DGGS Dante Data Integration Data Strategy Data objects Deep Learning Deep learning Deflection of Vertical Deforestation mapping Design Deviance Didactic Atlas Digital Earth Digital Globe Digital Twin Drones Dual-channel airborne LiDAR Dynamic mapping dams dashboard data data accuracy data classification data governance data integration data journalism data models data quality data representation data uncertainty data visualisation data visualization data-driven deaf student decision making decision support deep learning definitions depression wetland depth contours design design space desktop game development planning diet digital elevation model digital elevation model (DEM) digital humanities digital transformation digital twins digitalisation digitization dimensionality reduction disaggregation disaster discrete global grid systems dissatisfaction distal landmarks distance education domain maps dot density drainage line extraction drone drones/ UAV dynamic flow dynamic point symbols


EPSG Early Childhood Education Early Weed Detection Education Edutainment Electric grid Electrocution of birds GIS Emotion Encyclopaedia Energy Geographic Analyst Environmental Change Monitoring Event Experimental Mapping Practices Explainable AI Eye-tracking early-career cartographers earthquake ecology economic growth education electrodermal activity emergency emergency dispatch emergency incident endonym endonyms energy expenditure modelling energy transformation enumeration units environmental environmental data environmental decision support environmental elements environmental issues environmental perception environmentally protected areas ephemeral equations ethics ethnic diversity ethnic map evidence-based decision making exonym exonyms eye tracking eye-tracking


FDM printers FOSS Facebook Failure electricity network cartographic GIS Fit-For-Purpose Land administration system Flood Exposure Flood Risk Flow Generation Forecast mapping Framework Fundamental Geospatial Data Themes Fundamental geospatial data Fundamental geospatial datasets Fynbos fantasy cartography fantasy maps fast positioning convergence feature extraction feature selection filtering fine art fire severity floods flows fluvial geomorphology food football animation foundational topographic ontology freshwater


GIS GIS analysis GIS integration GPS GPS/GNSS GRASS GIS GSI Map Galileo Gaze-Based Map Use Gazetteer GeoAI Geographic Factor Geographic information system Geographical Names Geographically weighted regression Geography Geoid Undulation Geospatial Data Taxonomy Geospatial Mapping Geospatial Strategy Geotopes GitLab Global Gram Panchayat Graph Convolutional Networks Graph convolutional network Graph visualization game game cartography game engine game player gamification gazetteer generalization generative AI geo-communication geo-descriptions geo-information geo-visualization geocrowdsourcing geodashboard geodiversity geoexploration geofiction geographic accessibility geographic information science geographic reasoning geographic scale geographical features geography education geography journals geological fertility geomorphometry geoportal georeferencing geoscience geoscience education geosciences geosocial media data geospatial geospatial analysis geospatial big data geospatial data geospatial data models geospatial data system geospatial information geospatial knowledge graph geospatial knowledge reasoning geospatial knowledge representation geovisual analytics geovisualisation geovisualization google street view image government graph convolutional network graph neural networks graph theory graphic variables grassland biome grid cells gridded population data guerrilla guidelines


HBCU HIVE Hand-rolled map Height Anomaly High Mountain cartography Historical map processing History of Cartography Human Sciences Hungary hang glider haptic feedback headwater catchment health & wellbeing heatmap heritage high performance computing higher psychological functions highway planning historic maps historical GIS historical data historical distribution historical gardens historical map history history of cartography home improvement housing human mobility human-biodiversity interactions hydrography hyperspectral unmixing


ICA ISO 19160-2 ISO TC 211 ITC Image segmentation Immersive Virtual Environments Immersive Virtual Environments (IVE) Indoor LBS Inferno Insecure Tenure Integrated Geospatial Information Framework (IGIF) Interactive Storytelling International Cartographic Association identity illegal activities in landscape illegal land occupation image analysis image classification image data image segmentation imaginary map imagination inclusion inclusive design inconsistency detection indigenous canoe art and craft indigenous peoples indoor cartography indoor element indoor navigation inequalities infographics informal settlements information loss information management infrastructure infrastructure development innovation integration interaction interactive map interactive mapping interactivity interative map interoperability intersectionality of practice intuitiveness irrigation islands


LBS Land Administration Domain Model Land Cover Land administration systems Land cover Landscape Genesis Language semantics LiDAR Life Chances LightGBM Local Municipalities Local bivariate relationships Location Based Services Location-based services Logic label label density land cover change land surface temperature landscape landscape perception layout design learning enhancement learning theories least cost allocation least cost path analysis least crowded path least-cost path legend lidar linking child and youth care with children’s environmental and social map visualization literary cartography literature living conditions loan program location intelligence location privacy location-based service location-based services lockdown restrictions


MSP maps Machine Learning Machine learning Maize Farms Makey Makey Manetti Map Interaction Map Portrayal Map Study Map equation Map storytelling Mapping real world complexity Mapwork MaxEnt Maximum Entropy Minecraft Minecraft® Mining Mixed Reality Mixed Reality (MR) Mobile cartography Mobile learning Multimodal interface Multiscale Multivariate Mapping machine learning magnetic declination maize manor map annotation map audience map circulation map classification map communication map contest map decolonization map design map generalization map legend map of Utopia map production map projections map readability map readers map scale 25,000 map style map tiles map usage map use map user map user interaction map-based dashboard mapmaking mapping mapping agencies mapping need maps maps for blind people marine cartography marine charts marine flooding maritime transportation memory mental maps metacartography methodology methods migration migration patterns military mapping minimum dimensions minority names misinformation mobile mobile application mobile cartography mobile data management mobile e-learning application mobile map mobile mapping mobile phone mobile positioning mobile-first mobile-first design mobility dynamics modeling modelling models of communication modern academic cartographers moral foundations theory mountains moving features multi-agents multimedia multiscale mapping


NATO Reference Mobility Model (NRMM) NDVI NLP Nanjing Ming Dynasty City Wall Narrative map National Atlas Navigation context Neural Network New York City Nexus water-food-energy Nolli North Cameroon North Macedonia North Pole Northeast Passage Northwest Passage naming conventions natural hazard natural parks nautical chart nautical charts navigation needs assessment net zero goal network network analysis network-modelling


OGC OGC API OGC standards Off-Road Vehicle Official Mapping On-demand mapping Online Mapping Open Data Open Educational Resource Open Geospatial Consortium Open data for cartography and GIScience OpenAPI OpenStreetMap Optical Orthorectified object location memory object-based classification objectivity on-the-fly online mapping online questionnaire online survey ontology open data open dataset open geospatial data open-source opinion mining optical orienteering maps outliers


PR PROJ Pandemic Maps Participatory Mapping Participatory mapping Pattern Mining Pedagogy Perceived walkability Photogrammetry Pingel Place Names Point of Interest Point of interest Polokwane Polynomial Regression Post-Critical Cartography Preservation levels Processes Profession Electric cartographic GIS Protected areas Public space Python pan participatory mapping path integration patrimonial ownership peace and conflict pedestrians people with visual impairments perception perceptive and sensitive map performance persuasion phenology physiological responses pixel accuracy place name place names planetscope point cloud point clouds point cluster point-based visualisations pollinators population demand portrayal position post-event analysis preattentive processing precision agriculture principal component analysis principal component analysis (PCA) print cartography production of space professional development program and policy development programming property values proportional symbol map protected area prototype proximity conflicts public health public transport map design


RADAR RSDS Random forest Real urban environment Remote Sensing Remote sensing Routine activity Rural Cartography radical cartography rainbow colour scheme random forest ranking loss rapid mapping raster maps real-time kinematic positioning reality relief inversion effect relief shading remote sensing remote territories requirements requirements engineering research agenda residential patterns response responsive design responsive web design risk communication river ecosystem types road network roads role of map


SAR SASDI SDG 11.7 SDI STEM education SVG SVI SVM, Xgboost SWOT Matrix School Atlas Scratch Secure Tenure Self-Constructing Graph Self-perceived health Semantic Segmentation Semantic segmentation Semi-arid climate Sentinel-1 Sentinel-2 Sequential order of drawing Siamese network Similarity Measures Sketch Mapping Sketch map Slovakia Smart Village Smartphone Social Tenure Domain Model South Africa Soviet Union Soviet cartography Spatial Analysis Spatial Data Handling Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) Spatial Distortion Spatial Learning Spatial Planning Spatial association Spatial narrative Spatial-temporal Data Mining Spilhaus St Gallen Globe Standardization of Geographical Names Statistical maps StoryMap Street-view Images Structure-from-Motion Sustainable Development Sustainable Development Goals Sustainable development goals Swagger Syria safety of navigation satellite images satellite remote sensing scenario scenario uncertainty schistosomiasis school atlases school cartography schools of thought scientific foundations sea level rise self-organizing map self-supervised semantic information semantic web semi-schematic maps semiotic and material epistemology semiotic aspects of the map language semiotics semiotics and photoatlases sense of place sentiment sentiment analysis sequence chart service delivery settlements shaded relief shallow water channel depth shape recognition shelter shortest distance allocation sign theory simplification sleep disorders small scales smallholder smart campus smart management smartphone positioning and mapping social isolation social media social vulnerability social-sensing software software application software development solar radiation sounding selection space space characteristics space syntax spatial accessibility spatial analysis spatial correlation spatial data infrastructure spatial data quality spatial database spatial dependence spatial knowledge spatial knowledge infrastructure spatial lag model spatial modelling spatial parameter uncertainty spatial pattern spatial perception spatial segregation spatial similarity spatial thinking spatialisation spatiotemporal association spatiotemporal event dynamics spatiotemporal pattern mining spatiotemporal simulation specialized topographic maps species distribution specification spectral colour scheme split attention standard deviation standardization standards statistical maps statistics story map story maps storytelling streaming data streams street addresses street view image structural unemployment students subjectivity subway super-pixel supervised learning survey susceptibility mapping sustainability sustainable sustainable development sustainable development goals symbolic GeoAI symbology


TAS TDS Teaching and learning material Teenagers Teleki Temporal Analysis Terrain Mobility Terrain Vehicle Terrain representation Thematic Cartography Thematic Mapping Thematic maps Theoretical Cartography Time Series Topographic data extraction Topographic map Topographic mapping update Topographical Data Topographical Line Map Traffic Sensor Location Problem Trajectory Typology tactile map tactile maps tactile sign testing tactile signs tagging tagmaps teaching technologies temporal contribution analysis tenure terrain terrain reversal effect territory text databases text mining the Arctic the Modern Times thematic cartography thematic coding thematic map thematic map design thematic mapping thematic maps theoretical cartography thermal micro-grid tile map time time-series tool topographic data topographic map design topographic mapping topographic maps topography toponomastics toponyms toponymy traditional authorities traditional cartography training data trajectory transdisciplinary transformer transit translations transportation trees trees health GIS trilogy trust truthmaking


U-net UAV United Nations Unity Unmanned Aerial Systems Unreal Engine Updating geospatial data Urban Fires Urban Mapping Urbanization User Experience User Experiment User testing uav ubiquitous map image ubiquitous mapping uncertainty undergraduate modules universal topographic maps unsuccessful dispatch urban 3D openness urban and regional data urban climate urban ecosystems urban environments urban form urban greenspace urban heat island urban mapping urban morphology urban park accessibility urban planning usability user experience user studies user study user-centered design user-defined multiple-criteria evaluation (MCE) user-test


VGI VGI intrinsic parameters VGI platforms VR VR/AR Vector tiles Vegetation Changes Video integration Virtual Environment Virtual Geographic Environments Virtual Knowledge Graph Virtual Reality Visual electric analytics Voice Speech technology Volunteered Geographic Information Vulnerability vaccine vaccines validation value scale variance vector tiles virtual acoustic map virtual navigation virtual reality virtual tours visible space index visual analytics visual behaviour visual differential element visual illusion visual impairment visual narrative visual perception visual quantitative analysis visual search visual strategy visual variable visualisation visualization volunteered geographic information vulnerability