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Volume 1, 2019 – Keyword index

Volume 1, 2019 – Keyword index


50th anniversary


A. Arrowsmith A.J. von Krusenstern AI AIS marine traffic API AR Absolute data Accessibility Accessible Map Accuracy analysis Acoustemology Actions Adapted Distributed Scatter Adaptive visualization Addis Ababa Administrative inspector Adriatic Sea Aerial surveys Africa Agricultural Crop Air Pollution Air Quality Airborne Image Airborne laser scanner data Algorithms Anaglyph Ancient Map Ancient Sites Angle threshold Animated maps Animation Anisotropic Annotated maps Antibiotic resistance Applied Geotechnologies Apriori ArcGIS Architecture Archival documents Arctic Arctic Navigation Arctic Northeast Passage Arctic sea ice Area Cartogram Area of bends Area of interest Art Art Cartography Art History Art and Cartography Artificial Intelligence Artificial Neural Network Artificial Neural Networks Artificial intelligence Artists and Mapping Processes Asia Atlas Atlas Analysis Atlas Concepts Atlas-Analysis Atlases Atmospheric circulation indices Attention-Based Neural Network Augmented Reality Augmented reality Austrian Cartography Automated generation Automatic georeference Automation Availability Avalanches a city academic outdoor station accessibility accessibility evaluation accessible maps adaptively producting map aerial image aerial photography aerosol aesthetics agent-based modeling aging agriculture alignment effect alluvial plain animal world animated maps app architecture archival maps art and cartography artistic cartography atlas atlas mapping atlas structure augmented reality automatic map generation automatization autonomous driving


BAYKLIF BIM BPM Basic Surveying and Mapping Bathymetry Bayesian statistics Behavioral characteristics Beijing Beijing City Belgium Bertin Bertin’s rules Best Practices Big Data Big data Binary Heap Bivariate visualization Block Boltzmann Entropy Borobudur Boundary constraint British Nautical Charts British and American Settlements Building Capacity Building Information Model Building data Business Process Management bathymetry bidimensional regression big data big historical geodata blind and visually impaired borders buffered geofence building shadows built environment


CA-Markov COGO Calculators Camera tracking Carpathian Basin Carpooling Cartogram Cartographer Cartographers Cartographic Design Cartographic Education Cartographic Heritage Cartographic Heritage into the Digital Cartographic Representations Cartographic database Cartographic design Cartographic education Cartographic education and training Cartographic generalisation Cartographic representation techniques Cartographic visualization Cartography Cartology Census Maps Central High Atlas Centralised Repository Cesium Chart Safety Constraint Chichibu City Children China Chorem Chorematics Choropleth Mapping Choropleth map Citizen Cartography Citizen Science City Tourism CityGML Climate Change Climate Event Portal Cloud Tools Cloud service Coal Mine Cognition Cognitive Cartography Cognitive Map Cognitive map Colonial-Era Street Names Color Color Perception Experience Colour Vision Deficiency Colour Vision Simulation Community Science Company employees and executives Comparative Compiègne Completeness Complex Network Complex areas Complexity Computer game Computer graphics Conceptual Semantics Contemporary Map Content Authentication Content and system of notation conventions of objects gas storage Context-aware Computing Continuous Learning Continuous area cartogram Control Center Controlled Vocabulary Convolutional Neural Networks Cooling effect model Cooperative Update Coordinates conversion Course Development Course Evaluation Crater detection approach Crater map Crimea Crisis Management Critical Toponymy Critical cartography Croatia Crop Canopy Mapping Crop Field Monitoring Crowdsourced geospatial information Crowdsourcing Cultural Analytics Cultural Heritage Curve generalization Cybercartography car navigation car-sharing carta marina cartografy cartographer in the Enlightenment cartographic communication cartographic competences cartographic database cartographic education cartographic generalization cartographic heritage cartographic method cartographic principles cartographic production cartographic visualizations cartography cartography book cartography teaching change choropleth map cities city plans climate change communication climate changes coastal mapping cognition cognitive geography cognitive science cold war collaborative mapping collaborative planning colour vision deficiency communication commuting company organization comparative analysis complex networks composed audio computational weight computer vision conceptual schema conceptual solutions confidence model conservation contemporary art context contour mapping coupled natural-human modeling coupled natural-human system creative cartography crisis management critical cartography critique crossing territories cultural geography cultural heritage cultural memory culture cycle


DEM DGGS DMSP-OLS DSM DTM Daniel Carter Beard Data Fusion Data Science Data Scrapping Data integration Data mining Data types Data visualization Dataviz Deep Learning Deep learning Deformation Monitoring Delaunay triangulation Delta shrinking Design Design and Analysis Detailed Existing Land Use Map Detection of topological conflict Diagram Differential local Moran’s I Digital Archive Digital Elevation Topographic Maps Digital Humanities Digital Humanities and GIS Digital Japan Basic Map Digital Map Digital Terrain Model Digital footprints Digital preservation repositories Digital terrain analysis Digitalization Dijkstra Algorithm Disaster Disaster Resilience Disaster resilience Disasters Discrete Cosine Transform Disease Mapping Disease maps Disjoint Community Distance Dock-less shared bicycle Dot symbol auto-filling Douglas–Peucker Dynamic Display Dynamic visualization daltonization data compression data modelling data update data visualization database decision making decision making process decision outcomes decision support deep learning defensive architecture demographic and health survey density of objects design development of root dialectology digital elevation model digital elevation model (DEM) digital humanities digital library digital map libraries digital technologies displacement distorted old maps diversity drainage line extraction drawing-machine drawing-performance driving schools dynamic population dynamics of pedestrian movement


E. Belcher ECDIS EEG ENC Earth Observation Satellite Image East Asia Eastern Gray Squirrel Ecological environment qualit Edo period Education Education and Training Education in cartography Electoral geography Electronic Navigation Chart Elevation Emergency Management Emergency Medical Service Emotion Emotional Cartographies Emotional Geographies Emotions Entropy Environment Environment Analysis Environmental Color Workshop Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Environmental Monitoring Environmental Policy Environmental factors site maps Environmental mapping Epidemiological surveillance Epipolar Equal Earth Ethnic enclaves European topographic works of art Europeana Data Model Evacuation map Evacuation route Evaluation Evolution Expectation-Confirmation Theory Experiential learning Exploration Eye Tracking Eye-Tracking eGovernment Services ecological sustainability ecosystem editorial assumptions for the atlas education effectiveness and usefulness effectiveness study embassies emergency management emotional context empirical research empirical study energy modelling enumeration unit size estimation ethnic relations evaluation exercise experimental design exposure extension eye tracking


FME Field practice assistant Field work Fine division Flickr Flood Flood hazard zonation map Flow accumulation Flow direction Flow map Flyover Country Focus + context visualization Foreign residents French Army Mapping French west indies Friends Future map drawings Fuzziness Fuzzy entity limits fMRI face-to-face relationship facial emotion recognition fairy tales feature fusion fire brigade intervention fire station flood risk floor area ratio flow maps folk culture foreign-female-isolated areas forest fire fractal or living geometry fractal parameters frame of symbol freedom of movement frontiers function diversity functional cartography functional region


G. de Roquemaurel GEOBIA GEOSS GIS GIS Analysis GIS database GIS education GIS technology GIS-analysis GIScience GNIS GPS GSI Maps GWPCA Gall-Peters Game Game Maps Games Gamification Gaming industry Gdańsk Generalisation Generalized Linear Mixed Model Genocide Geo-Communication Geo-Environment Geo-Social Media Geo-portal Geo-video Geo-visualization GeoSciML Geocoding Geodata visualisation Geodatacube Geofences Geographer Geographic Data Geographic environment factors Geographic information Geographic knowledge Geographic literacy Geographical Positioning Geographical event Geographical features spatio-temporal change Geographical information science Geographical names Geographical places Geographically weighted Geographically weighted regression (GWR) Geography Geography Education Geography field practice Geological maps Geology Geomorphological map Geomorphology Geopark map Geoportals Georeference Georeferenced maps Georeferencing Geospatial Analysis and Modelling Geospatial Information Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI) Geospatial Information Database Geospatial Information Management experts Geospatial Intelligence Geospatial Network Geospatial Ontology Geospatial data updating Geospatial infographics spectra Geostatisics Geotagged photo metadata Geovisualization Gerrymandering Glacial isostatic adjustment Global symmetry Google Maps Platform Gosper curve Government Web sites Graduated numbers Graphical Semiology Graphics Graphics Design Great East Japan Earthquake Grids Ground Disasters Groundwater generalization algorithm geo-information geodesy geographic base maps for atlas geographic education geographic focus geographic information retrieval geographic information system geographical feature visualization geographically weighted regression geography geography teaching geoinformation system (GIS) geomatics geoparsing georeferencing geospatial geospatial analytics geospatial awareness geospatial picture geospatial reasoning geostatistics geovisual analytics geovisualisation geovisualization global health glyph visualization graphical user interface graphically supported analysis grassland degradation grid cell data grid cell maps grid encoding grid square statistics ground transport accessibility


H.H. Lindsay Hamming distance Hand-drawn paths Haptic Sound Hazard map Head/tail breaks Heatmap Heterochronia Heterotopia High School High alpine tours High speed rail transport High-Precision of Positioning and Orienting Hillshade Historic maps Historical Cartography Historical Maps Historical map Historical maps History History of Cartography Holocaust Homelessness Homologous geographical feature matching Hong Kong Horizon Hotspots Housing transaction data Human Behaviour Human Mobility Human settlement Human settlement mapping Humanitarian Relief Hydrographic Survey Hyperspectral image classification hazard head/tail breaks (ht-index) heat map heat maps heat vulnerability index (HVI) hexagonal grids high precision historic maps historical deeds historical epidemics historical land surveying historical map historical maps history of cartography history of map history of maps history of towns in cartography hot spot analysis hotspots housing hurricane hydrography hydropower dams


ICA Commission on Education and Training ICA model ICC IGN-ES INSPIRE INŌ’s map IQUAME Ice surface temperature Illustrated Maps Image Service Image processing Impact of human activities Incremental updating information extraction India Indonesia Indoor Landmark Reference System Indoor Mapping Indoor Navigation Indoor map Indoor spatial characteristics Indoor wayfinding Influenza Information Content Information Entropy Infrastructure Integrated Operation Interaction Interaction design Interactive Interactive Map Interactive Maps Interactive web mapping Intercultural comparison Interdisciplinary Collaboration Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar International Map Year International students Internet Cartography Internet Mapping Internet of Things Interpolation IoT Isovist Italian Cartography immersive analytics immersive visualisation in-situ campaign indoor industrial areas innovative pedagogy insurance mapping interaction cohesiveness interactive map interactive maps interactive media interactive visualization interpolation interval imaging investigation ships and merchant ships


LBS LMIC LSTM Land Cover Temperature Land Degradation Land Use Land Cover data Land cover type Land ownership Land subdivision Land surface temperature Land tenure Land uplift Land use change Land use changes Land use/cover Land value Landform Landform classification Landforms Landmark Landmark Salience Sensibility Landmarks Landsat Landscape Landscape Ecology Landscape Transformation Landscape analysis Landscape-style maps Landslide Landslides Lanzhou City Large-scale Maps of Kyoto City Leads mapping Leaflet Learning support Learning threshold Least Square Levenshtein distance LiDAR Libraries Lidar Light sources Line surface mixed Lineament mapping Linear Referencing Linked Data Linked Open Data Local Map Contest Local communities Local community Local symmetry Locality Description Location Based Services Location Based Services (LBS) Location Based Social Networks Location based game Location-based Big Data Location-based Data Location-based social networks Location2Vec Logarithmic matrix Los Angeles land cover change land prices land use land-use landmark landmark guidance landscape transformations landscapes large-scale mapping late Edo era layout of City liber chronicarum linguistic geography liquid modernity lived experiences local development local identity location based services location prediction location-based services (LBS) loess landform long term archiving


MAUP MODIS MOOC MOOC for Cartography MSc cartography Machine Learning Main structure Map Art Map Competence Map Complexity Map Design Map Production Map Series Map Specification Map Theory Map Update Map Usage Map Use Map Work Map algebra Map application Map design Map interaction evaluation Map interactivity Map making Map of Shanghai Bund Map production and geo-information management Map signature Map use and user’s analysis Map-Index Mapping Mapping disaster risk Maps Maps and propaganda Maps and the Internet Marathon Maps Marcov Chain Marine Cartography Marine Litter Marine chart Marine leisure Marine safety Marsh data in the early Meiji Period Materiality Mathematical morphology Mathematics Matrix Matrix of riding pattern Meiji Memory Mental Representations Metadata Methodology Methods Micro-Sensor Minecraft Mirror symmetry Mobile Mobile Mapping Mobile phone tracking data Mobile serious game trajectories Model Modern China Modern Kyoto Modernization Monitoring site selection Morocco Mosaic dataset Mountain Cartography Mountain trail Movement Data Multi-Field information Multi-dimensional scaling Multi-level information quantity Multi-resolution Multi-scale Multi-scale map design MultiScale Pannable (MSP) mapping Multivariate mapping machine learning manuscript maps map map analysis map design map equation map generalization map production map projection map projections map research map scale map stimuli map symbol map symbology map tools map use map user’s preferences mappae mundi mapping mapping cities mapping of energy losses mapping techniques maps of experiences maritime jurisdiction mathematical basis matrix legend media coverage memory mental maps mental rotation mesh map metadata quality metaphor millennial generation mind maps mobile mobile map user model making modern era mountain lakes moving trajectory multi-representation multi-scale multi-scale legend multi-time animation multidimensional scaling (MDS) multimedia method of presentation multiscale multivariate


NDWI Name Dissemination Namibia Nanjing Narrative Landscape National Atlas National Courses of Study National Institute of Education National Map Contest for Pupils and Students National Park National Parks and protected areas National geographic conditions monitoring Natural elements Nautical Chart Generalization Nautical Charts Nautical chart Navigation Navigational chart Neighborhood interaction Neurogeography New York City Northern forests Nuclear density analysis Numbers national mapping natural breaks natural hazards natural sciences nautical chart navigation navigation map neighborhood effects neighbourhood scale nineteenth-century topographical maps non-euclidean nonlinear analysis normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) nuclear pollution


OBIA OD maps OPTICS method Object Location memory Okinawa Okinoshima island Old Paper Maps Old maps Online Hazard Maps Online Mapping Online Resources Online portal Ontology Open Data Open Data Cube Open Data Portal Open Source Open Source Geospatial Technologies Open data Open source software OpenStreetMap Opensource GIS Opinions Optimization Orbits Orienteering Origin-destination flow map Orthophoto maps Osaka Overlapping Community object detection offline old Tokyo city old maps online survey operational cartography operational scale ordinary kriging orienteering maps origin-destination flow outdoor teaching outreach over-grazing overlay


PM2.5 POI POI Sequence recommendation POI audio POI data PPA Paintings and Hydrographical charts Parahippocampal Place Area Participatory Sensing Path visualization Pattern complexity Patterned ground Perception Perceptual Hash Periglacial terrain Personal Relationships Pictorial Maps Pilgrimage Place Placename Plain Language Planets Planning policy Plate boundary Platial Information System Play Playful Maps Plugin Point Cloud Population Census Portal site Portuguese historical thematic cartography Positioning Locality Indoors Positioning error Pre-service and In-service Student Teachers Precision Farming Preparation of Cartographic Work Principal component analysis Probe Data Proportional symbols Protective Action Decision Model Provincial map Prussian old topographical maps Psychogeography Public welfare maps Puerto Rico Puruliya Push Services paddy field parallel computing parallel view path guidance patterns peace-negotiations after the WWI peak hours pedagogy pedestrian navigation photo-sharing service photogrammetry plates of coordinates systems poi point data generalization point feature label placement policy implications pop-out population census population loss postmodern city postmodernity practionner’s cartography work pre-industrial state precipitation precise location predictive price prediction priming propaganda protected areas pseudocylindrical public awareness public institutes public transit public web mapping services pyramid model


RSEI RTK-GNSS Railway spatial pattern Random forest Random forests Raster Data Reactions Reading Maps Rectify Recurrent neural network Refugee crisis Relational structure Relative data Relative relief Relief Shading Remote Sensing Remote Sensing Data Remote sensing product Replacement migration Research Agenda Research Trends Resources Revolt of Shimabara Riding characteristic Risk Communication Risk Management Risk communication Risk management maps River network axis