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Volume 3, 2021 – Keyword index

Volume 3, 2021 – Keyword index


3D (three-dimensional) trajectories 3D GIS 3D Geometry Visualizer 3D Modeling 3D Printing 3D Visualization 3D Web Map 3D model 3D modeling 3D modelling 3D printer 3D printing 3D printing techniques 3D visualisation 3D visualization


ADCP AHP ASALs Academic migration Accessibility Accuracy Acoustemology Adriatic Sea Africa Afrikaans Agricultural pressure Agriculture Mapping Albert Herrmann Alzheimer’s Disease American Civil War Amharic Analysis of Election Results Analytic Hierarchy Process Animation Anthropocene Anthropology Application Applied Informatics ArcGIS ArcGIS Pro Archaeology Archeology Archive maps Archives Arctic Arctic maps Art Art in Cartography Art maps Artificial Neural Networks Atlantis Atlas Atlas Cartography Atlas Classification Atlascine Augmented Reality Augmented reality Automatic Synthesis Automatic vectorisation academic library accessibility active modes adaptive administrative data advertising in maps agent simulation airline route maps alien species allegory altimetry analysis analytic vs. holistic archaeological site archaeology architecture areomorphometry art art & cartography art and science dualism art gallery artificial intelligence artistic map atlas atlases augmented reality automatic cleaning automatization


BIM Bangwaketse Base map Basemap Basic Geometries Basic data base for the geographic information system (ZBGIS) Bathymetric data fusion Beijing Bibliometric data BoK Body of Knowledge Body of knowledge Bottom-Up Approach Brandberg Building Alignment Building Generalization Building rooftop extraction Bump-Mapping Bözödújfalu balance in cartography base data set coordinator base data set custodianship battlefield big data blind and visually impaired blockchain bogs borderlands boundary marker buffering building information modeling


CARG Project CIVE – collaborative immersive virtual environments COVID-19 COVID-19 lockdown COVID-19 map Cadastral surveying data Cadastre Cadastre of real estate Campus Mapping Cartofail Cartograms Cartographic Design Cartographic Heritage Cartographic Model Theory Cartographic Style Cartographic Thought Cartographic Uncertainty Cartographic communication Cartographic coordinates Cartographic dialog Cartographic education Cartographic museum Cartographic stimuli Cartographic tools Cartography Cartography and children Cartography for Leisure Cartography handbook Cartology Cartometric analysis Caserta Cave Maps Ceauşecu Central Europe Change Detection China Choropleth Map Chott el-Djerid Citespace Citizen Science City Plans Classification Climate change Closest Facility Cloudless Clustering Coastal area Coastline Color toning Communication Comorbidities Comparisons Completeness Concept Mapping Content Analysis Context Context-aware Convex envelope Convolution graph neural network Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) Convolutional Neural Networks Coordinate frames Coordinate systems Covid-19 Covid-19 pandemic Creative Industries Cross-border Crowdsourcing mapping Cultural Heritage Curriculum Cybercartography Czech Historical Atlas Czechia cadastre capacity building card sorting cartogram cartographic communication cartographic communication models cartographic design cartographic generalisation cartographic generalization cartographic heritage cartographic perception cartographic plan cartographic production cartographic relief presentation cartographic shapes cartographic skills cartographic stylistics cartography cartography education cascading WMS change only updates choropleth map citizen science city plans city view classification climate change clustering algorithm coastal Louisiana cognition cognitive development cognitive load cognitive mapping cognitive science cognitive styles cognitive visualization collaborative collaborative platform colonial mapping colour hue commercial cartography community engagement comparative search in geographic names comparison complex analytical maps complex geovisualisation computational measures concept map contour lines controlled experiment conversion coordinated and multiple views copyright coronavirus maps coupling mechanism cross-cultural differences in cognitive styles cultural differences cultural dimensions cultural heritage cultural itineraries cultural landscapes customisation


DBM DEM DSM DTM Dasymetric Data Spaces Data Strategy Data dashboards Data visualization Decision Making Decision-making Deep Learning Deep Map Deep learning Demand Demographic and Health Survey Denmark Density equalizing cartograms Density-Based Clustering Depth Contours Didactic Atlas Digital Elevation Mοdel - DEM Digital Humanities Digital Maps Digital Semiotics Digital humanities Digital thematic map Digital workflow Disaster Management Disaster Resilience Displacement Ditches Dutch East India Company data analysis data collection data enrichment data evaluation data governance data integration data journalism data quality data science data synthesis data visualisation decision outcomes deep learning democracy design digital edition digital elevation model digital humanities digital map digital media digital upgrade display perspective disturbed ecosystem drones dynamic maps dynamics


EMODnet EO data Early Warning and Crisis Management Earth and Planetary Sciences Education Education and Continuous Learning in Cartography Educational Workshops Educational technologies Electronic Nautical Chart - ENC Emojis Emotional Maps Engineering geological map Enlightenment Enumeration Unit Size EnviDat Environmental mapping Europe European seas Evaluation Exile Experiential learning Expert Systems Eye Tracking Eye tracking Eye-tracking e-navigation eDIVE early modern age eco-consciousness ecosystem services education education and training educational maps effectiveness of cartographic visualisations eighteenth century emergency response emotion emotions empirical study environmental complexity environmental data environmental raster data environmental sustainability evacuation evidence-based decision making excavation exploration maps extended floating bicycle data (xFBD) eye tracking eye-tracking


Feature Dashboard FlamMap Flex Projector Flickr Flood Florence Food Forest Forests Fort Jackson Francesco Rosselli Fuzziness Visualisation feature extraction field sketch fieldwork fire insurance maps fishing areas flood hazard mapping flood maps flooding foldout maps foreign visitors forest fires forest infrastructure forest resources forest roads fuzzy logic


G.Projector GIS GIS-GPS technology GIS-technologies Gall Orthographic Gazetteer Generalization Geo-referencing Geo-visualization GeoAI GeoJSON GeoSciML Geocoding Uncertainty Geodatabase Geographic Information Systems Geographic data Geographic education Geographic literacy Geographical Disparities Geographical exploration Geography Geohistorical data Geoinformatics Geologic mapping Geological Survey Geological maps Georeference Geoscience Geospatial Analysis Geospatial Big Data Geospatial Data Quality Geospatial Strategy Geospatial data Geospatial data integration Geospatial technologies Geostatistics Geotourist map Geovisualisation Geovisualization Geoweb Germany Global Global Health Google Maps Timeline Gotha (Germany) Grand Duchy of Lithuania Grant management Grigoris Lambrakis Guidelines gamification garden styles generalization geo-tagged photo geoexploration geofences geographic information science geographic names geographic relevance geography geography education geomedia geomorphology georeferencing geospatial data geotagged nautical information geovisual analytics geovisualisation graduated symbols map graph database graphic variable graphical attractiveness gridded data guide maps


HGIS HTML HTML5 Health Care Facilities Heian-kyo Heuristics Hex map HiRISE High density bathymetry High-resolution Hill-shading Historic maps Historical Analysis Historical Cartography Historical GIS Historical Landscapes reconstruction Historical Mapping Historical Maps Historical Statistics Historical cartography Historical geological maps Historical landscape Historical maps History History of Cartography History of cartography Holy Land Homelessness Hospital Navigation Human Parsing Human mobility visualization Humanitarian Support Hurricane Hydrographic Survey Hydrography Hyperspectral Data Hyperspectral orthoimage Hyperspectral remote sensing hGIS hand scroll headwater catchment health communication heat island effect high performance computing hiking map historic parks historical GIS historical atlas historical cartography historical landscape historical statistics historical topographic map historio-geographical space history history of cartography human perception hydrography


ICA commissions ICR Risk map IHO standard IHO standards INSPIRE Image Segmentation Immersion Immersive Virtual Reality (IVR) Inception v3 model Indigenous Indigenous knowledge Indigenous partnership Indoor Indoor Mapping Indoor Navigation Infodemic Infographics Information Governance Information extraction Inoh Tadataka ,1821 Interactive Atlas Interactivity International Cartographic Association Internet maps Interpolation Intrinsic Israel Italian Antarctic mission implementation incremental updates indicators indigenous peoples indigenous place names indoor navigation information value infrastructure intellectual property intelligent National Map interactive map displays interactive maps interactive real-time maps international hydrographic organization interview isiXhosa isiZulu isoline map


LBSN LCZ generator LMIC LSTM Lake Land Parcel Identification System (LPIS) Land Use monitoring Land Use update Land Use/Cover Area frame Survey (LUCAS) Land demarcation Land legislation Land use/cover change (LUCC) Landscape Visualisation Landslide mapping Large-Scale Maps Layered Symbols Learning Style Learning threshold Leonardo da Vinci Levenshtein distance LiDAR Lidar Lingala Linked data Local History Local climate zones Location Based Services Location-Based Social Media Los Angeles Luganda land use/cover map landmark visualization landscape landscape-economic system landscape-historical mapping landslide inventory layout design legal studies legend lighting living textbook local climate zone location accuracy locomotion lower Guadalquivir


Machine Learning Machine learning Manuscript atlases Map Cognition Map Design Map Generalization Map Production and Geoinformation Management Map Skills Map Symbols Map Use Map application Map decoration Map deformation Map design Map processing Map projections Map reading strategy Map scale Map use Map-Centered Map-reading Map-using Mapping Mapping Experiment Mapping Need Mapping stories Maps Maps and Spatial Thinking Marine Cartography Maritime Martian scoria cones Mask-RCNN Mediterranean Sea Mental maps Military Mixed Reality Mobile app Mobile serious game Modernism Mountains Multi-Scale Pannable (MSP) maps Multivariate map machine learning map map assessment map author map automation map design map finesse map interpretation map making map perception map pragmatics map printing map production map projections map reading map series map service map specifications map studies map symbolization map symbols map types map use map-based dashboard map-reading mapping mapping of cities mapping techniques maps marine geology mental map microtoponyms migration military map military mapping military maps minority place names missing data missionary cartography mixed reality mobile activity mobile cartography mobile maps modelling mountain area movement visualization multi scale maps multi-beam bathymetry multi-source spatial data multidimensional Cybercartographic digital atlas mapping multilevel multiple representation mutual support


NSDI Namibia Narrative National geoportals National mapping Natural Disasters Natural Hazards Nautical Charts Nautical chart Navigation Near real-time mapping Neighbourhood selection Network Network Analysis Network Mapping Nitrates Vulnerable Zones Nitrates hotspots Non-navigational TIN-DDM North America Northern Bulgarian Black Sea coast narrative data visualization narrative map national mapping natural hazard natural hazards nature management nautical cartography nautical chart navigation routes news maps non-euclidean normalized categorisation


OGC OGC API Features OSM Ocean fishing Old maps Old modern map Japan Olympics Online Atlases Online Mapping Services Online tool Open Educational Resource Open Science Open Source Open data OpenStreetMap Orientation Orthophotography Overlay Overview plan old plans online learning online survey ontology open data open software open source open-source optical character recognition orientation and mobility orienteering orienteering map outdoor outliers


POIs PRISMA Pandemic Paper Navigation Charts and Electronic Charts Participatory Science Participatory mapping Participatory maps Pattern Recognition Perception Perceptive and Sensitive Map Personalized Landmark Peters projection Photogrammetry Physical geographic map Pictorial Maps Pilot's Book Place Names Place-name research Planetary Planetary Cartography Planetary Sciences Plant Disease Mapping Pleasure boating Poland Polar-Coordinate Transformation Poles Portal site Portolan charts Portolani Pre-K Precision Map Prosopis juliflora Public health Puglia participatory mapping peat extraction lands pedestrian navigation peer review peer-reviewed articles people density people movement periodic pattern personalisation photo atlassing photo image photogrammetry pictograms places plan legend planetary cartography platform popularisation of knowledge portrayal power relations practitioners pre-colonial southern Africa pseudo occlusion public public perception public signs


Real Estate Recurrent neural networks Reference Condition Reference Points Reference frame Refuge Regional attractiveness Regional database Reinhard Maack Relief Shading Renaissance art Renaissance maps Reproducibility Ripley’s K function Risk Information Mangement Risk classification River Hydromorphology Road Road Extraction Roads network selection Rwanda re-organization real-time data real-world navigation study realm of maps reconstruction religion repeat photography research agenda risk evaluation risk perception road network route choice routine occurrences


S-100 SAJG SDG SDG Dasymetric Indicators SDG Indicators SDG maps SDGs SDI SWAT SWMM Satellite imagery Schmidt's hammer School Cartography School world atlas Scientific Practises Scientific Research Secondary education Selective attention Self-reported Barriers Semantic technology Senate maps Sense of Presence Sensibility mapping Sensitive Map Sensor-Driven Mapping Sensory Archive Sentinel-2 Seoke Sepedi Sequence Recommendation Service Provision Assessment Setswana Shaded Relief Shadows Shapes Signage Simulation Single-view 3D Reconstruction Size and Area Changes Slake Durability Test Slovakia Smartphone Social Sensing Solar System bodies Sonic Cartography Soundings South Africa South Asia Southeast-Asia Southern Italy Soviet Soviet Union Soviet maps Spatial Access Spatial Analysis Spatial Cognition Spatial Design Spatial Knowledge Acquisition Spatial Skills Assessment Spatial Thinking Spatial analysis Spatial relation Spatial second-order non-stationarity Spatial stratified heterogeneity Spatiotemporal Patterns St Gallen Globe Standards Statistical Statistical maps Story map StoryMaps Storytelling Strategy Streams Strip map Structure and Content of Nautical Charts Struve geodetic chain SuAVE semiotic photo atlas analysis Supply Surface Normal Vectors Survey reliability Sustainability Sustainable Cities Mapping Sustainable Development Goals Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Swahili Swiss National Maps Symbology Symbols safety of life at sea satellite imagery satellite mapping satellite orbit visualization scanpath comparison see color selective omission semantics semivariogram sense of place sensors sheep tracks simbology slavery small-scale maps social media cybernetic cartography socio-economic space spatial analysis spatial analysis of tourism image spatial and temporal navigation spatial autocorrelation spatial citizenship spatial cognition spatial data spatial data infrastructure spatial data services spatial discourses spatial formatting spatial humanities spatial knowledge acquisition spatial searches spatiotemporal data specialized topographic map speculative cartography standardization statistical data stereotyping story map story maps storytelling students style suggestive presentation supervised classification sustainable development symbologies symbology synthesis systematic review systematization


Table Join Service Tactile Maps Tactile cartography Tactile maps Teacherʼs Handbook Teaching and learning material Technical map Temporal variation Terrain Representation Terrain Type Judgment Criterion Territorial Data Base Textbook Thematic Cartography Thematic Mapping Thematic Maps Thematic map Thematic mapping Thematic maps Theoretical Cartography Tile-based Mapping Tokyo Tools Topographic Maps Topographic map Topographic mapping Topological Data Analysis Toponymy TouchIt3D Tourism Destination Image (TDI) Traffic Accidents Traffic Safety Transportation Infrastructure Tropical diseases True ortophoto Trust Twi Twitter Typology tactile cartography tactile map tactile maps tangible task type teaching styles temporal cartography terminology texts thematic cartography thematic map thematic mapping thematic maps theory and practice time series time-space models tools topographic data topographic map topographic map design topographic mapping topographic maps topographic surveying topography toponymical strata tour guides traffic accidents training data trajectories transfer learning transparency transport modelling


UAS UCD Uncertainty Visualisation Underwater acoustic backscatter data Unhoused Communities United Arab Emirates United Nations Unity University of Glasgow Urban Map Urban Maps Urban Mobility Urban Populations Urban environment Urban expansion Urban planning Usability User Behavior User Studies User study uncertainty urban area urban disaster urban environment urban flood disaster urban history urbanism usability usability issues user evaluation user experience user experience design user study user-centered design


VGE VGI Vector Data Vector Tile Cache Vector plan Vegetation monitoring Very-high-spatial-resolution images Vietnam Virtual Environment Virtual Reality Virtual Reality Immersive Virtual Environment (IVE) Virtual Reality. Experimental Documentary Virtual environment Virtual museum Virtual reality Vision Impairment Visited places Visual Analysis Visual Attention Visual Highlighting Visual Variables Visual design Visual search Visualization